Saturday, December 22, 2007


I've finally found a possible positive to blogging. It could turn out to be a journal of sorts. Yet,...since I've been horrible at the journal writing thing for years, we'll just have to see how often you'll even get a blog from me and the fam.
Holidays are fun in the Moore household. Crazy and fun. We finally decided to keep Christmas Day enjoyable, avoiding the rushing around to assure that all families are visited to a minimum this year and in the future. Christmas Eve is the big bang with my family (the Andersens), which is about 30 of us kids and grandkids crammed into Mom and Dad's house. Festivities start at around 5:00pm w/ the traditional Mexican food (Mexicali platters this year), soon thereafter beginning the gift exchange between the grandchildren. Things don't wrap up until close to 10:00pm or later. It's actually too fun for words!! Then Christmas Day is relaxing at home with Daniel's family dropping by when they want for Christmas lunch/dinner. This is far more appealing than recent years where we are drained by 5:00pm Christmas Day! Daniel's got the day after Christmas off as well, and I'm looking so forward to spending time with my boy and relaxing. Merry Christmas and kisses to everybody!!